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Melted Lace Glue

Melted Lace Glue

My Nubian Tresses

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Melted Lace Glue is a water-based, non-toxic lace glue capable of a 2 to 3-week hold. 

- 1.3 FL Oz
- Safe for sensitive skin.
- Latex-free.
- Works on oily scalps.
- No harsh chemicals.
- Easy to use creamy formula.
- Invisible Bonding: Can perfectly hide your hairline.


Step 1: Clean skin, no oil or dirt, oil-free makeup (use powder/cream/lace tint) on lace. For oily skin, use a protector before applying glue.

Step 2: Use enough adhesive. Make sure you are covering from the hairline to the back of the cap.

Step 3: Apply the glue smoothly and evenly to the skin. If you put too much, the glue won't dry clear.

Step 4: Tie down for 10 minutes. Can't get wet within 24 hours.

Recommended Layers:

1 Week: 1 Layer

2 Week: 3 Layers 

3 Week: 4-7 Layers

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